3 Ideas for Using Mason Jars in Coastal Decor

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Three Ideas for Using Mason Jars in Coastal Decor

Before we moved to the island, one of my favorite pre-move activities was to scour Pinterest for coastal décor in search of inspiration for our cottage.  The best coastal decorating tip I gleaned from these Pinterest binge sessions is to incorporate repurposed antiques into your coastal décor.  These antiques really help give your home or cottage that much sought after casual beachy feel.

One of the most versatile antique pieces you can use in home décor is the humble Mason jar.  Today I’ll give you three quick ideas for using Mason jars in coastal décor.

Over the last five years or so I’ve used Mason jars in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, each time using different coastal accessories to fit each purpose.

Yep you read right, I said coastal.  Despite living in the Midwest and Texas, my love of the beach and coastal décor prevailed without regard to how well it fit in with the regional décor styles and trends.   Heidi is to beach, as Romeo is to Juliet – true love I tell you!

coastal decor mason jar with starfish, candle, and jute rope

Idea 1 – Kitchen Table Centerpiece

Currently in our cottage I have two Mason jars on our kitchen table as part of the centerpiece.  Inside the jars I’ve added a smaller mercury glass votive cup to hold the tea light and a starfish to give it a coastal feel.  On the outside I tied a thin jute rope.  The Mason jars are fairly casual, yet can look sophisticated when the candle is lit for an intimate dinner.

coastal decor mason jar 3

Hanging mason jar lantern on a bed for coastal decor

Idea 2 – Hanging Lantern

I used Mason jars and lanterns to add a romantic, coastal feel to my old bedroom by hanging them over the headboard on my canopy bed frame.  Inside the Mason jars I used sand, small turbo shells, and a candle.  I found these pre-made lanterns at Pottery Barn, but you can make them for yourself by following the tutorial here

Mason jar makeup brush storage with shells

Mason jar makeup brush storage with shells

Idea 3 – Pretty Makeup Brush Storage

This look couldn’t be easier to create.  All you need is a jar and either sand, small shells, or both to add a coastal feel and help keep the brushes in place.  This sits on my bathroom counter next to the rest of my makeup, but it would also look great on a vanity.

All three ideas are super easy and quick ways to add Mason jars to your home décor.  If you’re looking for more ideas on how to decorate with Mason jars check out my Pinterest Coastal Décor and Design board here

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