Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day - dad and daughter at the beach

Happy Father's Day - newborn baby girl with father

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!  Being that it’s Father’s Day this weekend, I hope you’ll indulge me because it’s the perfect excuse to brag on my husband MJ as a father.  When we found out that we were pregnant with a baby girl I was thrilled because I knew he would be the most amazing dad to a girl.


My expectations as to the role of a father are high, given that I have an incredible dad who has cherished and loved his four daughters (and three female dogs, the guy just can’t catch a break!) in such a beautiful way.   So the bar was set very high, but I knew MJ was up for the challenge and he has proven to be the best dad a little girl could ask for.



Before Baby Girl was born MJ told me not only did he want to share in the parenting duties as much as possible, but that he actually wanted to get up in the night when she awoke to comfort her and put her back to sleep.  Say what?!  Best. Husband/Dad. Ever.

Happy Fathers Day

Fortunately, this wasn’t just lip service because MJ followed through on his word (not that I thought he wouldn’t).  He is as involved a dad as I have ever seen.



He rocked Baby Girl to sleep for naps and let her sleep on his chest at night.  He changed her diapers when she would wake up at 3am.  He walked her around the restaurant during a family dinner while singing “Hey Jude” to calm her (she went through a Beatles phase right around 3 months).

Happy Fathers Day - Butterfly Garden in NOLA

He sprints to her side when she falls and comforts her with a kiss.  He plays on the floor with her and her Disney Princess castle.  He learned to play her favorite songs from Frozen on his guitar.  His nickname for her is Beautiful and he tells her how cute she is on a daily basis.  This list could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Happy Fathers Day- dad and daughter at the beach

Happy Father's Day - streets of NOLA

But most importantly, MJ loves and cherishes Baby Girl the way every little girl deserves to be, but few girls are as lucky as her.  She lights up in his presence and it is obvious she knows she is loved and adored.


I could sit for hours on end and just watch the two of them interact and I count my blessings nearly every time I get to witness this.  It is a privilege to watch and be a part of something as beautiful as a tender relationship between a father and his baby girl.

Happy Fathers Day - dad and daughter on beach

Happy Fathers Day

So on this Father’s Day I want to say thank you to MJ for giving me the gift of loving our precious baby girl with reckless abandon.  Little do you know that these small gestures are shaping the woman she will become and teaching her that she is worthy of being cherished and adored. There is no one who could love us better.

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