How To: Hanging Picture Frames with Wire

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How to: hanging picture frames with wire cover

Welcome back to part two of the series where I’ll cover hanging picture frames with wire on the back.  If you missed part one of the series “How to Add Hanging Wire to a Picture Frame” you can check it out here

In my humble opinion, hanging picture frames with wire on the back is the simplest way to hang a framed photo or painting.  With this method you don’t have to worry about using a level and measuring over and over again to make sure you place the nail in exactly the right spot so that it will fit into the hanging hardware.

And the best part is you really only need a couple tools – a hammer and a tape measure.  In addition to those two tools, you’ll need a nail and hook that looks something like the photo below.  I bought this one on Amazon, here’s the link

Picture hanging kit with nails and hooks

When hanging a picture frame a lot of people make the mistake of hanging the artwork too high.  Instead, you want to make sure that the artwork is eye level for most people.  Don’t give your guests a neck ache by making them look way up high to admire your artwork.

Okay, now that I got that quick tip out of the way, let’s get started.


Hanging pictures with wire - measure wall

  1. Measure the width of the wall. If you’re centering the picture frame on a wall or over a piece of furniture you’re going to need to measure the width to determine the center point.  Once you have the dimensions divide by two to get your center point.  For instance if the width of the wall is 48 inches, then the center point is at 24 inches.  (Yes I know I’m stating the obvious there.)

hanging pictures with wire - mark center with pencil

  1. Mark the center point with a pencil. The height of the center point should be about one inch higher than where you would like the wire on the back of the picture frame to hang.  Note – Don’t place the mark where you think the top of the picture frame should go because it will end up being too high.

how to hang a picture frame- hammering in a nail

  1. Place the nail through the hook and then hammer the nail into the wall at the center point mark. Hammer the nail as far as it will go into the wall to make sure it is secure.  If you are hanging a large picture frame you’ll want to use the double or triple hook instead of the single.

how to: hanging picture frames - photo frame on a wall

  1. Place the wire into the hook and adjust the picture frame by sliding it to one side or the other until it is level.

photo hanging 1

  1. Step back and admire because you’re done!


As always, if you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments below.  Happy hanging!

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