Why I’m Blogging- the Power of Beauty

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Why?  Such a simple question, often without a simple answer, but that is the question I want to start out by answering for you today.  I want you to know my purpose in creating this space right from the start.  And the answer, simply put, is that I believe in the power of beauty.

This is a beauty blog, but probably not like most of the other beauty blogs you’ve read.  Yes, there may be topics that other beauty blogs cover, but here you’ll find a more all-encompassing definition of the word beauty.  To me, beauty is not just about makeup and fashion, although I admit I do enjoy both of those.

I believe beauty is about a way of life.  I want to lead a life that is full of all forms of beauty, hence the name “A Beauty Full Life”, I long to be surrounded by beauty and to create beauty for myself and for others.

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So often we see only the ugliness of the world that we miss beauty all around us.  Unfortunately, ugliness is most often what the world chooses to focus on.  You can see that just by watching the evening news, where as the saying goes “if it bleeds, it leads”.  On top of the unpleasantness of the world being pushed front and center, we often get bogged down by life; to do lists, deadlines, responsibilities, and daily stresses, that we don’t take the time to search for and create space for beauty in our lives.

But take heart, beauty is closer than you think.  It’s in the little things; the afternoon light pouring through your window, the laughter of your children, the flower growing right outside your door, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, a good book that lifts your spirit, a piece of artwork that inspires your creativity, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the romance of a dinner table lit by candles.

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These may be small things, but don’t underestimate the power of beauty.  Beauty is powerful in its ability to inspire and transform.  Beauty can be a defining characteristic in our lives.

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Beauty calls us to something greater.  Beauty paves the road for life transformation – spiritually, mentally, and physically. If you strive for beauty of spirit your relationships will become healthier, if you strive for beauty of design your creativity will be awakened, and if you choose to focus on an awareness of the beauty around you, the result will be joy and hope.

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As I embark on my own journey to create a “beauty-full” life, it is my hope that I can help you become aware of the beauty that already exists all around you and to help you create and cultivate even more beauty in your everyday life.

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