5 Minutes in the Life of a Toddler

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toddler driving a boat

This was not the post I had in mind for today. In fact I had planned on spending a couple hours on Sunday writing an inspirational post about searching for beauty (which will probably be postponed until next week). But life happens, a testament to the cliché “life doesn’t always go as planned”.

Late Saturday night my stomach started feeling off. By Sunday morning it was a full blown stomach bug, with a headache, fatigue, and fever to boot. I took my perch on the couch and didn’t stray from my spot the entire day, while MJ sweetly and graciously took care of both Baby Girl and I. Not to mention he did the dishes, cooked, cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and somehow managed to squeeze in some work. He’s a saint, truly.

Yesterday marked 14 months of life for Baby Girl, and she is in full blown toddler mode.  True to toddler form she is busy, spontaneous, curious, and oh-so-adorable!


From my couch vantage point, I was able to observe Baby Girl from a different perspective. Normally I’m doing one of two things, either running around the house trying to accomplish everything on my To-Do list or I’m on the floor playing with her. Rarely do I sit and observe.

As I observed I thought about how strange and funny the toddler stage is. One minute Baby Girl is walking around the house aimlessly while babbling to herself, the next she bursts into a spontaneous dance with her stuffed dog Violet. I’m dying to know what is going on in her little head!

As I was watching Baby Girl I decided to record her activities for the next five minutes and here’s how it went down.

I give you…  5 minutes in the life of a (my) toddler…


Stack the red block on top of the green block.

Yell as you knock over the blocks you just stacked.

Walk away while squealing and smiling.

Walk over to the ottoman.

Bang your hands on the ottoman three times while happily saying “da da da”.

Toddle back to the blocks and grab the red block.

Walk over to mom, who is on the couch, and present the red block to her with the biggest smile.

Drop the red block and walk away.

Walk over to dad’s guitar and strum it exactly three times.

Out of the corner of your eye notice that dad is on the phone and has an unattended water glass next to him.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity and run as quickly as your little chubby legs will take you over to said water glass.

Pick up the water glass and attempt to run away while spilling and giggling.

Dad takes the water glass away from you.

Stand and look disappointed for a full five seconds until dad returns with the towel.

Pretend to help dad clean up the water with a towel.

Walk back to the blocks.

Stack a couple blocks on top of each other.

Abandon the blocks.

Run away stomping and yelling into the next room.

Spin around.

Walk over to your toys and pick up a Disney Princess Little People figurine.

Toddle back into the living room and head over to the couch.

Hit mom in the head with the Disney princess while smiling and chattering until she takes it away.

Take a couple steps over to the coffee table and start pulling on and shaking the hardware on the coffee table.

Protest loudly when dad picks you up and takes you away from the coffee table.

Sit with dad in the rocking chair and read a book while pointing to every animal in the book and pronouncing that it’s a “dog dog”.

Finish reading book at which point mom proclaims it’s nap time.

Protest nap time by whining and arching your back while dad carries you to the bedroom.

Fall asleep in less than a minute.

toddler on beach

Despite being in my sickly state, I couldn’t help but laugh.  I love her energy, spontaneity, and unabashed joy for life.  It was both a humorous and beautiful thing to watch.  A blessing in the midst of what could have been a pretty crappy day.  So while this is not the post I had in mind I decided to share this story with you anyway and hope it adds a little bit of joy to your day too.

Thanks for reading!

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