Ballerina Bun Tutorial… Ballerina’s Have the Best Buns

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ballerina bun tutorial

If you’ve been following this blog for more than say, oh I don’t know… 0.2 seconds, you’ve probably seen me wear my hair in a bun.  Yes, that’s right… I’m a bunhead.  The reason being is twofold.  First, I’m a former ballerina and buns have become a sort of habit for me and second it’s an easy hairstyle for the intense humidity of the Caribbean.

ballerinas have the best buns

If you’ve ever wanted to know how ballerinas achieve that perfect bun, well then you’re in luck because today I present you with… a ballerina bun tutorial.

As a ballerina, I’ve worn my hair in a bun hundreds if not thousands of times, add in the fact that most ballerina are perfectionists and that explains why ballerinas have the best buns.  Period, end of story.

Let’s jump right in, so you can rock that ballerina bun like nobody’s business ASAP.

ballerina bun supplies

First up, the supplies.  In order to create the perfect ballet bun, you’re going to need the following items:

  1. An elastic hair band, ideally one that matches your hair color.
  2. Long bobby pins. I bought mine on Amazon (once again)  find them here.
  3. A teasing brush like this one.
  4. Strong hold hairspray.

ballerina bun tutorial

1. Start with a low ponytail secured with the elastic hair band. Use the teasing brush to pull your hair back into a pony tail that sits just about an inch higher than the nape of your neck.  The teasing brush will help to smooth your hair and make it look more polished.  I parted my hair to the side first, but this would also work with a middle part.

ballerina bun tutorial

2. Take your ponytail and twist it tightly to your right hand side.

ballerina bun tutorial

3. Pull the base of the ponytail up over the elastic hair band and then coil around the base clockwise.

ballerina bun tutorial

4. Once you reach the end of the ponytail tuck under the coiled hair and secure with a bobby pin. Make sure the bobby pin catches the entire end of the ponytail and goes under the hair coil and through the elastic hair band.  This helps the bun to be more secure and also helps to hide the bobby pin.

ballerina bun tutorial

5. Secure the rest of the bun with bobby pins again making sure to push the bobby pin under the bun and through the elastic hair band. Distribute the bobby pins equally around the bun making sure to secure all sides of the bun.

ballerina bun tutorial

6. Use the teasing brush to lightly smooth the hair that is not in the bun.  For extra hold you can even spray the brush with hairspray before brushing your hair.

ballerina bun tutorial

7. Finish by spraying the hair spray lightly all over the head, especially on the bun. Make sure to hold the hairspray about 12 inches away from your head.

That’s it!  Now you’re ready for a ballet class, a night on the town, or a day at the beach.  Next week I’ll show you how to do another variation of the ballet bun.

Ta ta for now!

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