Ballerina Bun Tutorial… Part Two

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ballerina bun tutorial- the high ballet bun

Welcome to part two of the ballerina bun tutorial!  If you missed part numero uno you can check it out here.  Today I’m showing you how to create a thicker high ballet bun.

ballerina bun tutorial- ballerina's have the best buns

The supplies are the same as in part one, so if you need a refresher go back and check out the link above.

ballerina bun tutorial- high bun

1. Start with a high ponytail secured with the elastic hair band. Hair is pulled straight back and up into the ponytail so there should not be a part.

ballerina bun tutorial- tease hair

2. Starting from the underside of the ponytail tease the hair in the ponytail with the teasing brush, by holding the hair straight up and using the brush to push down some of the hair while you hold the rest of the ponytail taut.

ballerina bun tutorial- smooth hair

3. Once the hair is teased use the teasing brush to smooth over the top layer of hair in the ponytail, so the teased hair isn’t visible. Try not to remove too much of the teasing while doing this as you really only need a thin layer to hide the rest of the teased hair.

ballerina bun tutorial- twist ponytail

4. Take your ponytail and twist it tightly downward and to your right hand side.

ballerina bun tutorial- wrap hair

5. Pull the base of the ponytail up over the elastic hair band and then wrap around the base clockwise.

ballerina bun tutorial


6. Once you reach the end of the ponytail tuck under the coiled hair and secure with a bobby pin. Again, make sure the bobby pin catches the entire end of the ponytail and goes under the hair coil and through the elastic hair band.  Distribute the bobby pins equally around the bun making sure to secure all sides of the bun.

ballerina bun tutorial- smooth with brush

7. Use the teasing brush to lightly smooth the hair that is not in the bun starting from the outside and moving in toward the bun.

ballerina bun tutorial- hair spray

8. Finish by spraying the hair spray lightly all over the head, especially on the bun. Make sure to hold the hairspray about 12 inches away from your head.

In the end you should have a full and high ballerina bun, and best of all – it should stay put no matter what the weather.


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