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Of all the beautiful things in my world, my little girl is perhaps the most beautiful.  Something about birthing a 7 lb being changes your perspective and shifts your world so completely that you can’t possibly imagine anything more beautiful than the tiny human you hold in your arms.  I am no exception to this rule.

Being the biased mother that I am, I think every single thing about my daughter is beautiful.  There are so many qualities I admire in Baby Girl.  I often think she is teaching me more than I teach her.

Here are just a few things (of the many) which make her so beautiful to me.

baby girl

One…. She liberally offers genuine heart melting smiles.

One of my favorite memories of Baby Girl was when she was 10 months old.  We were attending an event MJ was speaking at which happened to be on a cruise.  While waiting for MJ to get out of a meeting, Baby Girl and I sat by the elevator and watched people pass by.

As we sat and waited I noticed that Baby Girl was intently watching the elevators for people to get off on our floor.  Once they exited the elevators and headed in our direction she would attempt to catch their eye and once she did she gave them her brightest and sweetest smile.  Most people couldn’t help but return her smile and engage with her.

It was incredibly heartwarming to watch.  I know she brightened more than just my day with her smiles.

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Two… She sees everyone as a potential friend. 

I am not by nature outgoing and I’ve had to work hard to overcome shyness, so it is amazing to see my daughter embrace the world and (almost) everyone in it with open arms.  She waves to strangers in the street, reaches out to be held by women she has met just seconds prior, chatters away in baby talk to any child she sees, and gives hugs and kisses to any child that will let her.

I admire this quality so much and wish I could approach the world with the same effortless ease as her.

baby girl

Three… She confronts her fears head on.

Baby Girl has a love/hate relationship with dogs; she loves to watch them but gets scared whenever they approach her.  While we were visiting my parent’s back in April, my parent’s dog Bella ran seemingly straight at Baby Girl, scaring her and almost knocking her over.

Baby Girl cried a bit, but instead of cowering from the dog the rest of the day she walked over to Bella and started yelling at her (in baby talk) while flailing and flapping her little arms to add emphasis.  I can only presume she was scolding Bella for almost running her over.  It was hilarious!

A few weeks later back on the island, she did the same thing with a bulldozer she thought was a little too close for comfort.

Her ability to confront her fears instead of hide from them is one of my favorite things about her.  It is a quality I envy and one day I hope to be as bold as her.

baby girl

Four… She has a sweet disposition.

When Baby Girl was about five months old, MJ had to travel out of town for business leaving Baby Girl and I alone for the first time and I think she could sense my apprehension.

The first night MJ was gone I awoke around 3:00 in the morning to a light patting on my arm (we co-sleep with Baby Girl).  I opened my eyes and Baby Girl gave me her biggest smile without making a peep.  She then proceeded to pat my arm and face until she drifted back to sleep.

It was as if she wanted to let me know that everything would be fine. It was the sweetest thing ever!  I will cherish that memory forever.

12 months 1

Five… She has great determination.

When Baby Girl wants to accomplish something she doesn’t let anything get in her way.  She showed an interest in walking around six months old and walking (with our assistance) quickly became her favorite activity.  She wanted to practice any chance she got.

At eight months she took her first unassisted steps.  She would walk back and forth between us literally until her little legs were shaking and finally gave out.  And still she wanted to continue.  Her persistence paid off and she was fully walking at 10 months.


baby girl with mirror

Six… She is a student of the world around her.

From day one Baby Girl has been incredibly observant. We have a video of her less than 24 hours after she was born looking all around the hospital room taking in her new environment.

One of the first things people usually notice about Baby Girl is how she examines the world around her.  Whereas I am mostly oblivious to my surroundings, everywhere Baby Girl goes she studies her environment with a keen eye and a furrowed brow.

She has a natural curiosity and it’s plain to see she is trying to learn as much as she can about the world.

baby girl with hat and sunglasses

Seven… She has an incredible joy and enthusiasm for life.

When Baby Girl is excited about something she lets everyone know it by smiling, giggling, and squealing with delight.  She enjoys life to the fullest and her joy is infectious.

3.5 months 6

Eight… She is adaptable.

During her short life, we’ve taken about one major trip a month ( on top of moving our family to a foreign country) and she has taken it all in stride.  She adapts to time changes, crazy travel schedules, and new environments like a champ.

4 months 12

Nine… She rarely complains.

When Baby Girl is in pain we usually know but she tries to handle it as best she can without complaining to us.  Rarely does she whine and complain. The same goes for inconveniences.

When Baby Girl was about three months old I went shopping with her while wearing her in a baby carrier.  I had put a cute headband on her for the outing.  As I walked around the store I saw several people staring at her and I assumed they were staring because she was cute, until I walked over to my mom in another part of the store who promptly informed me the headband had fallen and was now covering Baby Girl’s eyes entirely!

Bad mama moment to be sure!  I couldn’t believe she had been blinded by her headband and hadn’t so much as made a peep.

2 months 2

Ten… She is generous and loves to share.

Whenever Baby Girl loves something she wants to share the experience with others.  Whether she is feeding me some of her favorite food or offering milk from her sippy cup to a friend she just met, you can see the joy on her face as she gives to others.

I hope she never loses this quality and I’ll do my best to encourage it in her.


It is pure joy and a privilege to learn from her and watch her interact with the world.  There is truly no beauty like that of a child.

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