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diy create a photo book

Without a doubt the biggest downside to living on the island is how far away we are from friends and family.  Now I know it’s not like we’re living in China, but still we have to get on at least two airplanes (usually more), go through customs, etc. etc., if we want to visit family.  My biggest fear is that Baby Girl won’t be as close to our families as she could be, so I’m doing my best to find ways to work around this.

create a photo book - my family book

My most recent solution was to create a photo book for Baby Girl which includes photos of her grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and godparents.  I’m hoping this will help her to remember everyone and eventually learn their names.

I have to admit I didn’t come up with this idea (thank you Pinterest!), hence the name “Pinterest Trial and Error”.  The idea originated from a blog I follow, A Beautiful Mess, which has such creative DIY projects and this family photo book was no exception.

photo book back cover

As I’m sure you know, Pinterest is famous for showing beautiful images of completed DIY projects, but often when you try the project at home the result is not so pretty.  So I decided to give this DIY family photo book a try and share the results with you; what worked, what didn’t, and the mistakes I made along the way.

I tried to follow the directions as closely as possible, but as you’ll see I made a couple changes and one mistake.

Here are the things I changed along the way:

photos for photo book

1.  Instead of printing the photos as 5x5s, I bought 6×6 chipboard on Amazon and made the images 6×6 as well. I ordered the photos on MPIX but since they didn’t have a 6×6 option, I ordered the photos as 6x9s leaving white space at the top to be trimmed off later.  (I figured the photos would be much easier to trim than the chipboard) I added the white space in Photoshop by adding 3 inches to the top of the canvas size.  I also used Photoshop to add the names to each image.

create a photo book 2 lr

2. I didn’t have a cutting board, so I improvised and used a spare piece of chipboard instead and this worked just fine.

3. I used wax paper when spraying the photos with the adhesive instead of paper only because this is what I had on hand.

create a photo book using spray adhesive

4. Instead of using Scotch Super 77 adhesive spray I used Elmer’s Spray multi-purpose adhesive which is a little more forgiving if you make a mistake (which I did!). It allowed me to remove the photo and replace it in the correct position.

family photo board book

5. Lastly, I added extra pages without photos for future family members (ie: babies and pets) yet to come.

Now on to the mistake, my mistake was simply a result of me not reading/following the directions carefully.  Instead of putting the binding (duct tape) on the outside of the book before attaching the photo cover and backing, I put it on last which made the photo book look not quite as finished.

Also, the glitter duct tape I used isn’t as sticky as normal duct tape and was easily coming off as a result.  Luckily, the solution to that problem was simple, just spray the duct tape with adhesive before attaching it to the outside of the book.

toddler looking at family photo book

Overall, this was a very easy to follow DIY and pretty simple too.  Even with the small mistake, I’m really happy with the outcome and more importantly Baby Girl loves her family photo book.

Pinterest for the win!


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