Something Must Have Happened…

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something must have happened...

We have a saying on the island when something doesn’t go according to plan or expectations… “something must have happened” and “something” can be anything from bad weather to power going off across the entire island for several hours.

Well… “something happened”.  Actually several “somethings”… internet being out for a whole week, a cold that hit all three of us, several trips to the dentist, moving into our new house, dear friends coming for a visit, and now traveling for the next couple weeks.

All that is to explain why I’ve been MIA for the last couple weeks and to let you know I probably won’t get back into the swing of things for another couple weeks.

So if you notice a slow down on the blog ever in the future… just know “something must have happened”.

Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Christmas season!

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