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When I left off with my last post I explained “something must have happened”  Well two days after writing that an even bigger “something” happened… we found out we were expecting another baby due in August!  We’re incredibly excited about this baby and can’t wait to meet him/her!

pregnancy 1

Besides getting that piece of news, the reason why I haven’t posted is mostly due to the fact that during the month of January we were on the road for 22 days.  As if traveling 22 out of 31 days with a 21 month old wasn’t enough to wear me out, when combined with a heavy dose of first trimester fatigue I was running for my bed nearly every time baby girl was sleeping.

Times when I would normally be creating content for the blog I was catching ZZZs in the land of nod. Hence no new blog posts.

During this time of hibernation so to speak, MJ and I attended a three day goals seminar which gave me some much needed clarity.  I realized I wasn’t making time for dreams and goals that were really important to me, therefore something needed to go.

pregnancy 2

After a lot of debating, my conclusion was I needed to let go of the blog.  I’ve really enjoying sharing our island adventures with everyone in this space and I may be back in the future, but for now I’m choosing to say yes to new dreams.  One I’m particularly excited about is I will be co-authoring a book with several other amazing women to be published later this year, so look for more information about this in the future.

Thank you all for sharing in this journey with me.  I won’t say goodbye, but instead see you later.  🙂

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