Hawaii family photo


Hi and welcome, I’m Heidi!  I’m so glad you’re here!  A little bit about me, I’m originally a Midwestern girl, but most recently lived in Austin, TX, which by the way is an awesome city and if you haven’t been there, you must visit!

Our first conversation

The photographer captured this image of our first real conversation on a boat in Aitutaki.

Beautiful palm trees, remote island, turquoise water

Aitutaki, Cook Islands- see what I mean?  Simply stunning and totally romantic.

I met my amazing husband (aka MJ) at a wedding in the Cook Islands.  Seriously, could there be a more romantic place to meet the man of your dreams?  I think not.  We were married in 2014 and later that year welcomed our sweet daughter (aka Baby Girl) into the world, officially blessing me beyond belief and making me one of the luckiest women alive.  In early 2015, we set out on a new adventure and moved to a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

wedding 1



wedding 2


Some of my favorite things in life are; hearing my baby girl laugh, glorious sunsets, sushi, date nights with my husband, dancing, the ocean, photography, game nights with my parents and sisters, reading, simulating conversation with friends, oh and last, but certainly not least, a good glass of Chardonnay (preferably one that tastes like a stick of butter was melted and poured directly into the bottle).

newborn photo 1


1 year

I’m a passionate pursuer of beauty in all its forms – art, design, relationships, mind, body, and spirit.  As a photographer, ballerina, motivational speaker, artist, and, yes, even a so-called “beauty queen”, beauty has been a central theme in my life.

Hawaii sunset 1

Beauty can be a great source of joy and a cultivator of love, therefore I believe in creating a life that is full of beauty or “beauty full” if you will.  Here on A Beauty Full Life you’ll find a little bit of everything related to living a life full of beauty;  art/photography, home design, DIY, family life/motherhood, island living, spirituality, style/fashion, relationships, and personal development.

My hope is to add a little bit of beauty to your life as I embark on my own search for a “beauty full” life.  So come join me as I navigate through this crazy, beautiful journey called life!